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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Catching On

Date of occurrence:
September 25, 2008.
Our oldest critter is almost 20 months.

Our oldest grand son catches on quick. He has learned the meaning of shaking his head and makes good use of it as well.

The other day, while I was feeding him his supper, he started shaking 'no' and turned his head away. Hmmm, I wondered what that was about. He loved what was dished up and that little tummy definitely was not full. He only had taken a few bites.

Surprised as I was, I asked: "No more bite?" and held the spoon up. A 'no'-shake answered that question, but his actions spoke louder than words.

Carefully, he grabbed the spoon from my hand, brought it to his mouth and managed to get most of the food in his mouth. Some spilled on the floor and he leaned over to see where it went, then looked up at me. His big eyes filled with question-marks and a Uhh? sound came from his lips.

"Don't worry about it. We will pick it up later."

Put at ease, he concentrated on the plate and tried to scoop some food on the spoon. He succeeded in doing so several times, and I was gracefully allowed to help him in his endeavor.

Aha! So that was, what that shaking no was all about. He wanted to do it himself.

I suppose it is time for Oma to catch on, huh?! :-)


Blogger audrey` said...

Kids are very smart. They've their own way to communicate with the adults =)

22/3/09 1:20 AM  
Blogger Corry said...

If we would just 'hear' them.
Many kids are not in that position and I feel so sorry for them.

God's Grace.

22/3/09 4:51 AM  

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