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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pains And Aches

Date of occurrence:
October 15, 2008.
Little Leo is 8 and a half months old.

Leo, our youngest grand son, has not been a very happy camper these past few days. He is teething and it bothers him very much. Thank The Lord for all the products that can be applied on his hurting gums. At least they help some, to sooth the pain. It also helps our little guy, to go through this stage a bit more comfortably.

This is one of the things, that makes life and growing up a bit easier on everyone. In my time, there were no such products, All I knew to do, and was told to do, was to let the girls bite on a teething toy. That works during the day time, but not at night, when they are tired and want and need to go to sleep.

It is keeping our little critter up as well. He has got a slight fever, which tires him even more. As soon as the pain is somewhat bearable, he falls asleep where he is at. Like right before, or during supper. We let him, grateful for the bit of uninterrupted rest he gets. We feed him after he wakes up.

His 'toofers' are about to break through. We can feel the bumps and he chews and drools on everything and everyone. Hopefully, it will not take long, before his teeth appear.

I don't like to see our little one in pain. I so wish, I could take his hurt, so he wouldn't have to suffer it. I know, it's part of growing up.

It breaks Oma's heart though. :-)


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