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Monday, April 6, 2009

Watch Your Words - Baby Names

Since our daughter is expecting our third grand baby, it did cross our mind. We wondered, how they would call the baby, if it is another boy. Yeah, we even tried to come up with a name, but decided it was not up to us. So, we will wait and see.

A good thing, we did. According to the Grandparents. com guidelines, it would have been one of the things of 'What not to do', as a (grand)parent. They give the following reason for it:

I have the perfect name for the baby!
You may have strong feelings about your expected grandchild's name, but don't demand that the parents follow your request; it's bound to result in conflict.

However, if you have a compelling reason for suggesting a name, such as a family tradition, or honoring a relative who was important to you, it would be best to approach the issue with your son and his wife gently, lovingly, and without any coercion.

What you are proposing, can be expressed beautifully, if you deliver the request tenderly from your heart, and without insistence. Speak respectfully, letting them know, that you would like them to consider naming this grandchild after a deceased family member, and then give them the time and emotional space to digest what you have said.

It is of the utmost importance, to refraining from imparting any guilt or shame, if they seem unwilling to do what you ask.

I don't think anyone of us, would like to be guilted in, or being made to feel obligated, to pick the suggested name. We may be honored by it, but let's not loose sight of what is more important. The name, or the baby?

We may not always agree with the name. It does not mean however, that we love the little critter less for it! :-)

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