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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Watch Your Words - Rules

We love having the babies over and even though we are the grand parents, it does not mean we can spoil them rotten and let them do all the things they are not allowed to do at home.

It is okay to be flexible. Letting them have junk food would not hurt if it occurs only on rare or exceptional occasions. Keeping them up a little later then usual is okay: again, if it occurs only on rare or exceptional occasions.

We would probably not do that at all, if we had them 24/7. We too would set rules they had to abide by, just like we did with our children when they were growing up.

Therefore it is best to stick to the rules the parents have set: the kids know what to expect and don't get confused and the parents will likely entrust their kids more often to the grandparents.

It does not mean that there is never an exception to the rule. :-)


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