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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Watch Your Words - Obligations

When your son/daughter is married then it is extremely difficult for them to divide up their time equally between both their parents, especially on holidays. If they have to come from far, it may not always be possible financial wise.

Traveling with young children is not easy either. Cribs, strollers and tons of diapers all have to be packed and hauled either through the airport or have to be fitted a car which is already packed with gifts. Even if they live close by it may be an inconvenience.

Remember when you got married and had children? Wouldn't you have loved to stay at home and establish your own traditions? Do you remember how stressful it was to divide your time between your own and your spouse's parents? Did you like all that traveling with your babies? Consider that your kids are in that same position.

Should your kids not be spending the holidays with you, there are several other options: Pick up the phone, use a web cam to see your grand children, or record holiday wishes on a home made video and send it to them. The best solution may be to go to them. Ask your children if they would like you to join. It may be that they simply didn't think to ask and love for you to come over to their house.

If your children won't be spending the holidays with you this year then try to accept their decision graciously. How about inviting neighbors and fellow grandparents who will be alone during the holiday? It may not be the same, but you will not be alone and still have a grand time. :-)


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