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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Down The Drain

Date of occurrence:
October 2, 2010.
Kc is 3 years and almost 8 months old.

We had some hard candy hidden in the back of a kitchen cabinet, because we didn't think the boys were old enough yet to handle it without choking. We didn't hide it well enough; little Kc found it before I even knew he was going through the cabinet.

It was candy on a stick, in a hard plastic tube with a diameter of a quarter and the lid had a small Spongebob figure on it. The combination of Spongebob and candy was irresistible to him and I let him eat it under my supervision. He made short notice of it and enjoyed playing with the little figurine for quite some time.

This morning, while Kc was filling up his bottle with water, he came running up to me and since he was not able to explain what happened, he said he would show me. I followed him to the bathroom and as he pointed to the drain, he announced that Spongebob was gone.

I suppose Spongebob got home sick. The toy fell down the drain and it was impossible to open it up and get it out. Oh well, maybe he will surface some day with the knowledge that our little man waved him bye-bye! 


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