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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy BirthDay Song

Date of occurrence:
October 2010.

Lately, when blowing bubbles, little Kc catches them on the wand, sits down and proclaims he is attending a party. My suspicion is that the bubbles remind him of balloons and I have no problem playing along.

Me: "Well, if it is a party then we ought to sing 'Happy Birthday', huh?"
Kc: "Yeahhhh!!"

Okay, that means Oma had her work cut out for her: teaching our little guy the song. It didn't take as long as I had anticipated before he had the words down pat. Each time he caught a bubble, he sat down and sang:
"Happy Birthehhh Dayyyyyyyy, Happy Birthehhhh Dayyyyy, Happpyyyy Birthehhh Day!"

Yeah, I had to remind him to add in the "to you" and "dear (person's name)", but I was proud of him for catching on that quick; after all it 'Birthday' is a pretty difficult word to pronounce.

If I can only get him to carry the tune then we are all set! :-)


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