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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Santa's Little Helper

Date of occurrence:
November 18, 2010.

Little Kc was going through a catalog and came across a picture of Santa Claus. He got all excited when he recognized the jolly, ole' fellar. After I explained to him why Santa Claus was bringing gifts and that it wouldn't be long for Santa to be here, he started making a list of all the presents he would like to have.

A puzzle, a book, new keys for his toy cars (he lost the ones he had previously), a watch like Oma, a truck and a new phone made it onto the list. Upon my question what he thought his little brother would like to have, he had to think long and hard.

Me: "Would Leo like to have a puzzle?"
Kc, with a pondering look on his face: "Hmmmmmmmm....., noooooooo!"
Me: "How about a book?"
Kc, without any hesitation: "Noooo!"
Me: "Cars?"
Kc, rather relieved: "Yeahh!"

His little sister's list presented no problem. He told me right off the bat that she would want a toy car to drive around on; one like he and his brother had. I don't think he knew how much he helped out, but he sure did and it was all thought through well.

Santa couldn't ask for a better little helper then our little guy! :-)


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