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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Decreasing A Health Risk

A couple very close to us has been looking around intend on buying a house. They found one they liked and even though it is in excellent shape, it is over 20 years old, which could mean that it still may have some asbestos in the construction. I certainly hope that is not the case at all.

They will have a home inspector check out the house of course, before the purchase becomes definite, but I don't know whether his inspection would include an intensive asbestos survey, or if he wouldn't even bother to look for it. It is well worth asking, since our loved ones' health is on the line.

Asbestos has been used a lot in the past and can still be found in the construction of older buildings; both residential, as well as office and business buildings. It is known to cause Mesothelioma. This is a rare type of cancer occurring in the thin layer of cells which line the body's internal organs.

The chances of surviving Mesothelioma are slim to none. Therefore, even though they can use every penny they can save, there is no justification for not spending the costs of an asbestos survey when their health could be at such great risk.

In case you are living in an older home then it may not be a bad idea to have an asbestos surveyor come in and do a thorough inspection. He knows exactly what to look for, takes samples of suspicious materials, has them analyzed, and within a couple of weeks you will know whether your abode is safe, or not.

I am not sure whether there is a law in the U.S. concerning asbestos surveys and inspections. If I am not mistaken, many European countries already have an asbestos survey law pertaining to older houses and other buildings over a certain age and rightfully so; better safe then sorry!


Blogger BBQ said...

Oh yes! I heard about the dangers of asbestos =(

29/12/10 9:33 AM  
Blogger Corry said...

I sure hope they don't use and/or find that anymore, anywhere.

God's Grace.

30/12/10 2:42 AM  

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