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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Growing Up Cheaper

This post brought to you by PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

In case you are the proud (grand) parent of a baby, you may already have noticed how difficult it is to find the brand name powder infant formula Similac in the store. This is due to a recent recall of the manufacturer.

An article at moneywatch.bnet.com mentions that small beetles, or their larvae, were found in this brand formula and even though these creepy crawlers don't present a risk to the baby's health, it still can cause some digestive problems and discomfort to the little one.

Now may be a good time to switch to generic formula which are not only substantially cheaper, but are just as good as the brand name formulas. The article also discusses that all of the infant formulas, both brand name or store brand, have to meet the FDA nutritional standards and requirement, otherwise they will not be approved and sold in stores.

Any store brand formula, whether it is from Walmart, CVS, Sam's Club, or any other store, contains prebiotics which supports the baby's immune system, is milk-based, has all the nutrition, vitamins, minerals, DHA and ARA, for growth and development of the little one and also supports its brain and eye development.

Since the nutritional value, vitamins and minerals are all the same as the big brand names, why would you still want to pay so much for the latter? Try one of the 23.2 oz, or 12.4 oz cans and I am sure you will see the same results as with the more expensive brand name formulas.

I know you will, because we used the store brand for our grandchildren and they are growing up just fine!

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