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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lesson Learned!

Date of occurrence:
November 19, 2010.

With our oldest grandson spending so much time here, there is bound to be some friction at times. Yes, not just on Oma and Opa's side, but on little critter's part as well.

Little man had found a stick in the yard. Nothing new there; he finds them all the time and we had made a habit out of breaking them in little pieces and throwing them in our chimnea.

This stick had been laying on the patio since the day before and while Kc went inside to get another toy, I automatically started breaking twigs of the stick and disposing of them.

As soon as little Kc came back out and saw what I was doing, he got real angry; he had wanted to save that stick and Oma was breaking it! No matter how much I apologized, because I had no clue he had wanted to keep it, he fussed and fussed at me, telling me that was "Bad, bad, bad!"

He even went inside, told Opa and fussed about it to him, came back out again and kept on saying: "Oma break my stick! BAD, bad, bad!" and he walked off in the yard, fussing, griping, and complaining.

After a little while he came up to me with a flower in his hand, which he had found in the grass and proclaimed he had bought me a flower. I asked him if he had bought or picked it. "I bought you a flower" was his answer.
Me: "Well, thank you so much, that is so pretty."
Kc: "Oma break my stick! I am angry with you. Bad, bad, bad!" and off he went again, fussing some more.

It took him a while to forgive me and from then on he ensured I knew what he wanted with either his toys or his sticks. Before going in, he would stop at the door and tell me clearly not to touch it.

Don't worry little man, Oma learned her lesson!


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