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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Warm and Snuggly

The weather has been extremely cold for the past week and our intent was to watch some Christmas parades with the grandchildren on Saturday morning. I certainly hoped they all were wearing warm jackets, so they would be comfortable and warm during the parades.

It may seem like I expressed a hope which should be taken for granted, but we are not used to this cold weather. Yes, it can and will freeze in our neck of the woods, but it hardly ever stays around or below freezing during the day and therefore the need for a warm coat is not very prevalent.

It so turned out that it was rather nice during the event, and even though all kids were dressed warm, neither one of them was wearing, or had a really decent winter jacket and they will definitely need it for at least the next several days.

Since I anticipate a very cold winter, Santa Claus may have to drop of some early Christmas presents, bringing them some good shell/windbreakers for instance. That would keep all of them cozy, warm, and snuggly!


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