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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Making A Living

Date of occurrence:
November 21, 2010.

Our grandson has many wishes; he wants a truck, a cell phone, a TV, and so much more. The truck is his favorite; each time a truck drives by, he declares that is what he wants when he is bigger. Of course we tell him he will have to earn money in order to be able to buy one.

No problem. He sits down behind his computer and works, like he sees Opa and Oma do.

He types his little head off and often asks our help getting rid of windows he somehow managed to pull up, which we didn't even know existed.

He also managed to pull up more then just windows and applications, as you can see.

Early on, he discovered that the keys on the keyboard could come off. Unfortunately, they don't go on anymore, but he manages to do 'his work' anyway.

Every now and then, we give him a dollar, or some change, as a reward for his intense labor and a job well done.

Yep, the little guy is making a living! Grin.


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