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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Petting Chickens

Date of occurrence:
December 19, 2010.

The neighbors decided to have some chickens and built a chickencoop way back in the yard, right next to the fence. The little chicks grew fast in just a few weeks time and lil' Kc loves to watch them.

He loves socializing even more and when the neighbor was outside, feeding the chickens, Kc stood at the fence and didn't budge. At least, we thought so, until I checked on him and he was gone and was no where to be found. Uh, oh!

I called; no answer. I called again; no answer. Opa came out and called and both the neighbor's and Kc's head popped up from behind the coop. "He is here", the neighbor replied. Shew, what a relief!

The neighbor had asked lil' Kc if he wanted to pet the chickens and upon his positive response, had lifted him over the fence.

Little man was having a ball and he certainly was not chicken-hearted when it came to petting them.

Of course we tried to impress on him the importance of telling us where he was going, should he leave the yard. It was something we don't want him to do and we talked to him in a serious manner about it.

I think he understood, but he must have thought that if it aint chickens, it's feathers! Grin.


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