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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For Instant Use

Both our grandsons love messing around on a computer and it is amazing seeing what all they already can do on and with it, even at that young age.

We gave our four year old an old laptop on which he could do 'his work' as he calls it, to his heart's content. He is able to pull up windows and applications which I didn't even know existed on it and I can imagine he will have a laptop or iPad when he is older.

It would be wise giving him a laptop sleeve to go with it; he wouldn't have to worry about it getting damaged, because it would protect the laptop and still enables easy access to it when he would need it.

It wouldn't really matter whether he carried an 11" and 13" laptop or an iPad; finding a sleeve for it is simple and easy. Laptops, iPads and macbook air sleeves can be found in abundance and upon request will even be custom made.

One thing is for sure; we don't have to wait until our grandson gets a laptop. We could use it ourselves right now!


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