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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Date of occurrence:
February 19, 2010.
Kc is 4 years and 11 days old.

Opa calls our oldest grandson 'cotton top, curly mop', because of his curly hair which goes every way it wants. In the morning after he just got up, it is a very appropriate name for the little guy, especially when his hair is getting longer.

First we hear the pitter patter of his little bare feet on the floor. He walks in to the office, eyes still half closed and his cheeks still rosy. As soon as he sees us, a huge smile appears as he goes for his goodmorning-hugs.

... and this is what he looks like!

Yeah, it is almost electrifying, isn't it? Luckily for the little guy it flattens out a little after a good brushing.

It doesn't bother him, not even when we blow-dry it after washing it. He is just happy to know that Oma loves his curls and wished she had hair like his. He even wanted to give me some and was sorry when I explained that wasn't possible.

Yeah, he sure is a cotton top, curly mop, and a sweet one on top of that! :-)


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