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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kc Is Back!

Date of occurrence:
February 17, 2011.

After we took Kc home, each time we talked to the grandchildren, Kc has been asking us several times if we were coming to get him. We told him we would as soon as his mom said it was okay. Of course that could never be soon enough for the little guy.

Today, his mom called and told us how good and helpful he had been for several days in a row and as a reward he could stay with us if we were okay with it. Sure we are. So, we went and picked the little guy up.

As soon as we got back and he stepped inside, his little face lit up and with a big smile on his face he said: "Kc is back"! The next order of things was to set up his computer, because he 'needed to work'.

It is amazing seeing how quickly he adapts to the routine and the house rules again. In no time, his presence fills our home with his laughter and his adorable personality.

Yeah, Kc is back! :-D


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