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Monday, May 9, 2011

Kc Back!

Date of occurrence:
February 23, 2011.

Our oldest grandson didn't spend much time being home with his mom and siblings. After we took him back home, she called a few days later and asked us if he could come and stay with us, because she was sick and also had to take care of several other things.

Sure, we loved to and headed out, picked up the little guy and took him back home with us. After we got home, the little critter walked up to me and said; "Kc back"!
"Yes honey, you are back".
"I tell you I'd be back".
"Yes you did and you kept your promise too. That's great".
"Uhhuh". He nodded with a happy smile on his face and went about his business.

Yeah, Kc is back and we can count on that too!


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