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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Early Start

Date of occurrence:
December 12, 2011.

We hope the grandchildren are having fun and enjoy their stay with their dad. I know we are enjoying all the planning for the upcoming Christmas, what presents to get for whom, what to have for dinner, but most of all looking forward to Christmas morning when the kids get up and can unwrap Santa's gifts.

This year, I really like to get an early start and not wait until the last minute. We ensured the iPads were not sold out by ordering them online and having them sent to the store.

They will soon be ready for pick up and since we intend to personalize each one of them and upload some photos and videos, it may take some time figuring out how best to do that.

Even though Emmaly may still be a little too young to have one of these devices, we thought it would be best to let her have her own. That will certainly prevent some conflict and ensures fun for all!


Blogger audrey` said...

WOW! :)

17/3/12 4:51 AM  
Blogger Corry said...

That's what I said when I got my hands on them and saw what all the kids could do! WOW!

God's Grace.

17/3/12 6:04 AM  

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