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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Family Easter Fun

This post brought to you by iBulb. All opinions are 100% mine.

You are probably already preparing for and looking forward to the Easter egg hunt you are about to organize for your children and grandchildren, but why stop there? Why not involve them in decorating your home for Easter?

This Easter Bunny Vase for instance is fun, cheap and easy. All you need is a tin can, glue, scissors, some pipe cleaners, a pink pom pom, pink and white felt, Excelsior, and some fresh cut tulips.

tin can vase.JPG

It is done rather quickly; glue the googly eyes a clean tin can. For the whiskers you bend a pipe cleaner in to a letter M, cut it in half so it makes two letters V and glue those together with the closed sides touching each other. Attach the pom pom in the middle of the whiskers and move on to the ears.

To make those, cut a pipe cleaner into two 5.5" pieces, fold them into a U shape and glue them onto white felt. Cut off the excess of the felt around the outside of the pipe cleaner and cut two smaller U shaped pieces from pink felt. Glue those on the white. You can now bend the ears in the shape you like and attach them to the inside of the can. Arrange some Excelsior around the bottom, fill the can with water and tulips and the project is done.

As enjoyable doing projects like this are, it is equally as enjoyable growing tulips outside or even inside. It is not hard to do either, but the reward is gorgeous and colorful.

There are many more inspirational ideas, hints and tips concerning growing and incorporating cut tulips. How about filling a glass jar with just jelly beans or Excelsior and arranging the tulips in that? Check it out and have fun!

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