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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Fast And The Furious

Date of occurrence:
December 25, 2011.

Leo's list to Santa Claus was not very comprehensive. It consisted of an Aladdin book, a SpongeBob SquarePants video, and cars. Of course he got more then he wished for and made short notice of opening his gifts.

Santa sure knew how to spoil and what would please Leo and came up with gifts which would beyond a shadow of a doubt appeal to the little guy's taste; toys with noise that could and would go fast.

There was no lack of those and I saw a helicopter, a remote-controlled car, and a police car including siren and motor sounds being unfolded before my and his eyes. Leo was thrilled and in no time the house was filled with a cacophony of starting cars, running motors and wailing sirens.

Yup, our munchkin man sure loves the fast and the furious; he had a blast and couldn't get enough of it.

My ears were still ringing long after the racket had stopped and he had moved on to another, less noisy toy. Oh well, he had fun and enjoyed his presents and that was the main thing.

I certainly do understand now why Santa is satisfied with simply dropping of the presents and making his way home fast and furious! Grin.


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