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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey, This Is Kc...

Date of occurrence:
December 28, 2011.

They arrived safely at their destination and we though we give our oldest grandson a call and see how he and his siblings liked their new home. The first call went straight to the voicemail. So did the second one, and the third one.

Even though it was cute hearing his voice saying; "Hey, this is Kc. I can't come to the phone right now. Please, leave a message and I call you back as soon as I can", after several unsuccessful attempts we got a little worried something might be wrong with his phone.

We decided to call their dad and were glad he answered. After telling him how we had tried calling Kc's phone several times, but it going straight to the voicemail, we learned his phone was dead and needed to be charged.

This hadn't been done, because they had not fully unpacked the car yet, but he promised he would do that as soon as they were done with supper. We sure hope so; not just for our sake, but for Kc's as well.

That little critter loves his phone!


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