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Saturday, April 28, 2012

It Does The Trick

It is hard not being able to spend time with our grandchildren no matter where they live. Whether it is here in the States, or in the Netherlands, the distance is a little too far to just hop over for a visit and a longer stay requires a lot of financial planning and other preparations.

There are times when simple things bring back happy memories, like these LEGO Lord of The Rings Minifigures which are coming out this summer. They remind me of all the occasions where our grandsons and I built houses from this material and had a blast playing with one of the LEGO figures.

That same little figure would also join them in the tub and when I came across these sponges on GeekAlerts, they brought a smile to my face. I could already picture the fun they would have with this Geekologie, but there are many more cute, funny, odd, and interesting gadgets, along with news and information which this site provides every day.

You really ought to check it out, because they also offer discount coupons and promo codes for all kinds of leading online stores and services such as Match.com promo codes, Weight Watchers coupons and Lowes discounts to name a few. If that doesn't put a smile on your face, then the amazing, weird stuff you lay your eyes on will do the trick.

I know it did for me! :-)


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