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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Keeping Them Busy

We sure are looking forward to July when our grandchildren are supposed to be over for the entire month. It is quite an endeavor going all the way up to Kansas and back to get them and even though nothing is set in stone yet, we hope it will all come to fruition.

Although it is still up in the air, we are already thinking how to best keep them busy. The biggest problem is the weather; it will be mid-summer and the heat is often unbearable. That pretty much rules out any outside activities, but if we had direct tv we could bring the outdoors indoors.

There are plenty of packages which I am convinced would most definitely appeal to our little ones and turn out to be a smashing success. They love watching cartoons and movies and dx3 direct tv would cater to all that and even then some.

That would keep them entertained when we would have to work or when there is nothing on the agenda. It is worth considering switching over to dx3, instead of keeping our cable service provider and not just for entertainment's sake; money-wise we would probably come out a lot cheaper too.

That would leave our budget some wiggle room for when we take them places!


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