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Friday, May 4, 2012

Time Out

Date of occurrence:
January 2, 2012.

It sure is not easy keeping an eye on and raising three young, small kids and their daddy and his girl friend already experienced that first hand in the few days our grandchildren have been staying with them.

Emmaly had gotten in trouble by spilling her drink and messing with one of their computers, but that was nothing compared to the damage she and her brother Leo managed to inflict on the brand new TV which was purchased today.

From what we understood, they destroyed it by trying to jam a video into it which caused it to fall over. That made short notice of what could have been an extensive number of productive and entertainment-providing days of a television; it was put in an eternal time out.

It also made short notice of what could have been a playful, productive and entertainment-filled day of the two little rascals; they were put in a temporary time-out!


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