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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Name Of The Game

Date of occurrence:
February 14, 2012.

Uh oh, our cell phone gave up the ghost, but that presented no problems calling the grandchildren, because we resorted to our house phone.

We got to talk to them, while they were on their way to the store. Little Kc was sniffling and coughing and said he had a cold. No wonder, he is not used to it and it sure was cold in Kansas.

He was excited though, because it even snowed and they had fun building a snowman and a snow castle.

Leo was all excited as well, since he saw a fire truck, ambulance and police car which they just passed up. We were glad to hear he liked school (or 'cool' as he calls it) at well.

A little worrisome was hearing about our little granddaughter. Emmaly can't seem to stay out of trouble. She had gotten into the road while she was at the baby-sitter's, but thank goodness nothing happened and she was alright.

Kc had lots to tell and we were grateful learning about the new friends he made at school, although he didn't know their names. At least he knew the most important one and that was his teacher's. Grin.

He got presents for his birthday and mentioned they had a new puppy. We couldn't make out whether that was one of his presents, or not, but he shared the puppy's name: Ziggy.

Remembering all those names can be a little difficult at times. I have no doubt he will soon get the hang of it and learn the 'name of the game'!


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