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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Too Little

Date of occurrence:
January 27, 2012.

Kc's cell phone is constantly going straight to the voice mail, which indicates it is not charged, so we have to call his daddy in order to talk to our grandkids. That presents a problem, because he hardly ever answers his phone and all we can do is leave a message in the hope he will either return our call, or have the children call us back.

Today, Kc finally gave us a call. Our little man was rather upset, because his father had taken his phone away. The reason and explanation for that action was that daddy thought Kc was too little to have his own phone.

Bless his little heart; the poor, little guy had a hard time coping with that. At least he is looking forward to this coming Monday when he and Leo are going to attend school and we hope they will make some friends there soon.

Leo seems to be doing fine, but Emmaly had been to the doctor yesterday and got caught up on all her shots. According to her daddy, she had not had any at all and that resulted in three shots in each of her little legs.

It literally made her sick that day and although she is feeling better today, she can hardly walk. I am glad this is only temporary, but I do feel sorry for both our little critters; being 'too little' can be hard at times!


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