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Saturday, July 14, 2012

An Adorable, Cool Dude

Date of occurrence:
March 12, 2012.

I suspect we all have come across the professional photographers who every now and then show up in the mall. It is a wonderful opportunity to have your child's picture taken and save it for posterity.

One of those photographers had set up shop in the mall and of course our little guy's mom couldn't pass up that opportunity. I can't blame her; all that cuteness deserves a place on celluloid and to be displayed.

Levi whole-heartedly agreed with that and pulled out all the stops to look as cute and as charming as he could.

He sure doesn't have to do much for that but just be his sweet little self and, like all the rest of his pictures, the result was endearing.

He must have liked all that posing and was ready to try out some other styles and fashions.

He had no problems whatsoever going from Mister Adorable to Mister Cool in no time and act accordingly.

It doesn't matter what style he eventually will end up with; he is and always will be an adorable, cool dude!


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