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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Children And Injuries

It is quite demanding keeping our eyes on our three young grandchildren and although we do our best, some minor accidents can not always be prevented; they slip and fall, bump into furniture, and trip over their own little feet.

We sure would like to keep them from getting hurt at all, but that is not always possible and the few, minor scrapes and bruises they ended up with are part of the growing up and learning process.

It is a different story though when Injuries to Children occur due to negligence or failing products. Child-friendly toys for instance may not always turn out to be as safe and friendly as claimed by the manufacturer or the baby-sitter may not take the task too seriously.

Not all of the Injuries to Children can be set aside and done away with; some can be quite severe and can even have long-lasting results and consequences with a huge, negative impact on the child's life and that of its parents.

Whether those Injuries to Children are minor or severe, it sure can bring about a lot of financial woes and some compensation would at least ease that burden and take away some of the sorrow and concerns.

Sometimes, a law suit can not be avoided to prevent this from happening to others and/or to cope financially. I do hope however we never have to resort to that!


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