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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Daily Care

Date of occurrence:
April 26, 2012.

Mom will have to go back to work soon and although she works at a daycare center herself, she is not allowed to bring Levi with her, but has to leave our little guy in the capable hands of her co-workers at another place.

In order to get used to the new environment, the caregivers and the routine, Levi first attended for one afternoon and since that went well, he went for an entire day later that week.

With all those new impressions, the little guy has got a lot to tell when mom picks him up and he gets really excited and happy as soon as he sees her and gives her a long account of his day.

He talks his little head off for about an hour and then his lights go out and off to dreamland he goes. Since it is all new to him, it is also rather exhausting and he makes up by taking more naps then usual during the day.

We are grateful all is going so well and according to the people at the daycare he is a sweet, little boy. Yes, he is and we already were aware of that; there is nothing new under the sun there! :-)


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