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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chicken pox

Date of occurrence:
May 23, 2012.

Aww, our little guy came down with chicken pox. I suppose that was to be expected when being around all those other children; if one has it, you can count on it to go around without exceptions.

Even though it doesn't look so bad at first glance, from what his mom told us Levi has some serious patches on his back and his tummy. Bless his little heart, I can imagine the itch is driving him nuts and we are thankful there are some great remedies these days giving him at least some relief.

It was bound to happen sometime, but what I wasn't aware of is the fact that since Levi got it at such a young age, he could get it again. We sure hope that will not be the case, but you just never know. At least it doesn't seem like it is affecting his good mood in a negative way.

I sure wished we could spare him all this grief and/or take it from him, but unfortunately we can't. We sympathize and empathize and pray you will get well soon, little guy. We love you!


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