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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Dance

Our little granddaughter will be turning three years old in October and she is quite a character. Not only can she be very determined and obstinate at times, but she is funny and endearing as well and surprised us on many occasions with her creativity.

At one point, there was a cute song on the TV. She was all dressed up like a little princess and out of the blue, she started dancing to the music. Those sure were no uncoordinated movements, but closely resembled a well thought out, gracious and diverse choreography.

We were about to record it, but by the time we got our camera out it was all over and we didn't get her to do it again. I do foresee a dance career in her future and should that be the case then we most certainly would want to consult a toronto dance coach to boost her performance.

The better and more improved the performance the more career opportunities will open up to her. It is already difficult enough being able to make it in this field and the help of dance coaches in toronto would definitely make a difference and have a positive impact.

We will wait and see how it shakes out, but for those of you who have already chosen dancing as their profession and aren't making any forward motion: try dancing to a different tune!


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