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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Safe Investment

We would like to build up a little nest-egg for our grandchildren to fall back on when they are older. A small, financial contribution for going to college, buying a car, a house, or whatever else they may need, is always welcome.

It is not accumulating very quickly though, because the interest rates are so low and on occasions we have been talking about looking into other means of investments that will do the trick. One of the options is buying bullion and gold and silver coins in particular.

These precious metals will never loose their value. On the contrary; they have shown to increase over time. The reason why I gravitate towards coins is because of their guaranteed gold or silver content, plus the appearance of coins like the American Gold Eagle is more interesting then a simple ingot or bar.

It is actually a very safe investment, if you know what to look for. There are plenty of scams around and in order to avoid falling victim to those, it is always best to make the purchase from an accredited source like the U.S. Mint, coin dealers such as Great Southern Coins, or banks.

I came across a few hints and tips as what to look for and to be aware of when the decision is made to invest in American gold coins. One of the most important warnings is not to get carried away and be pressured into acting immediately or else loose out on a great deal.

Let me correct that; you should act immediately by walking away. These so called 'deals' are usually great for the seller, but not for the buyer. It may turn out that you overpaid, the gold content is much less then required or mentioned, or that the coin is neither rare, nor bullion at all.

Another tip is doing some research online on the company you like to buy from and read the reviews and experiences from others. To get a good impression of their credibility is by checking the Better Business Bureau ratings and how many complaints have been filed against the company.

There is more advice which can be found online and it is always best to look before you leap. Keep in mind that knowledge is power and once you have aqcuired that, gold coins are a safe investment!


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