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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Not My Friend

Date of occurrence:
July 9, 2012.

All the grandchildren must have had the same idea; to get up real early. That is no problem, because both Opa and I are early birds too and usually have been up already long before one of the children is even stirring.

'My friend' is still cozy and comfy watching TV, when Emmaly wakes up and we hear her calling. After getting up, she starts playing with her kitchen and cooks us meal after meal, while we are trying to get some of our work accomplished.

She has no problem with that and brings us her pots, pans, and utensils, so we can sample some of her dishes and fill our tummies with all her goodies. We pretend to take bites out of the plastic foods and clean out the pots.

She may be a great cook, but she is not so diligent when it comes to cleaning up.

She dumps all the used items on my desk to the point where I can't even move my mouse around without knocking the stuff onto the floor.

When I point it out to her and insist that she has to take it back to her kitchen, she gets rather annoyed with this development. How do I know that? Because as she is gathering up her stuff from my desk, she tells me: "You are not my friend!"


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