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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another Addition To The Family

Date of occurrence:
January 12, 2013.

We like you to meet our granddaughter Isabella Ann. She came into this world yesterday in the afternoon, weighing 6 lbs and 10 oz (3,5 kg) and measuring 19 inches (48,3 cm).

Isn't she precious?!

She was born with a c-section and that caused her to have some fluid in her lungs, but that didn't present a problem and was resolved rather quick. It just didn't make her cry that much as soon as she saw daylight.

What is rather exceptional is that out of all our grandchildren, she is the only one who is born with such a head full of hair!

We are blessed with 5 grandkids now; 3 boys and 2 girls. They would be two hands full when we would have all of them over. We surely wouldn't mind that the least little bit and maybe some day, God willing, we will have all of them together. :-)

For now, we are just thankful all of them are healthy and are doing well!


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