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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Date of occurrence:
August 10, 2012.

It has been over a week ago now that our grandchildren went back home. Their trip went well and they arrived safe and sound. We are still reminiscing about their stay, fondly remembering all kinds of situations, conversations, and actions. It so turns out that we are not the only ones.

While the children were staying with us, we all watched the movie 'Matilda' together. Little Kc really got into it and watched intensely. As soon as the movie ended, he had an epiphany: "Matilda gets to stay with the one she loves"?!

We were pleasantly surprised the five-year-old grasped the concept and answered affirmatively. He did not only ponder on that for a little while, but apparently found some encouragement in it as well, because when we called today, he was excited and told us they were watching 'Matilda' again.

Our understanding is that he persuaded his dad to buy the movie. We hope that every time he watches it, he has the same fond memories as we do when we saw it together!


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