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Friday, April 28, 2017

Getting In Gear

Date of occurrence:
January 1, 2017.

Leo is the first one of the children to wake up. After wishing him a Happy New Year and giving him a hug, he retreats to the computer in order to watch minecraft videos.

He does need a little time to himself in order to get his bearings, so we let him be for a while.

As I walk into the kitchen to fix us another cup of coffee, I notice his new headgear. I can't help but grin, turn around and grab the camera.

Me: "Leo, look this way."

He does and I snap a picture.

Me: "What is on your head?"
Leo: "My stuffed animals. They want to watch this too."

Ah, I see.

Considering what little space is on the desk, that is a smart solution. He must be fully awake.

His head is in gear!


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