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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Another Life

Date of occurrence:
January 15, 2017.

Kc came home this week with a report card that wasn't good. We talked to him about it and he said he would do better.

The next day Kc's teacher sent a picture of his work for which he was given 30 minutes. It only had two answers on it. That's not good and we talked to him again. He promised to do better.

The following day he came home with a letter the teacher made him write which stated he didn't do his best today and he didn't follow the rules and procedures. Instead, he had chosen to talk and play.

We didn't talk to him anymore. That ship had sailed and it was time to suffer the consequences of his actions: no computer, DS, and tablet, until he made good on his word. What to do now?

He thought about it and we finished an elective in his scout book by catching, observing, recording, and releasing some bugs. He assembled and painted the bird house he got for Christmas, and carved the rough outline of his Derby car all by himself.

Me: "You sure got a lot done. Did you enjoy doing all those things?"
Kc: "Yeah, I did."
Me: "Do you think you would have done all that if you had been allowed to play on your electronics?"
Kc: "Yes, eh..... no."
I didn't think so either.

Isn't it remarkable how much you can achieve when your head isn't buried in all those electronics? And it is also fun doing it. Who would have thought.

There is another life outside of all those electronics!


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