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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Double Digits

Date of occurrence:
February 8, 2017.

We open the door and step into the darkness of his bedroom. Opa turns on the light and we start singing the Birthday song. Kc opens his eyes, sits up and has a half blank, half bewildered look in his eyes.

It suddenly dawns on him that today is his tenth birthday!

He looks at the tray in my hands and when he realizes he is getting breakfast in bed, he smiles from ear to ear.

It is a great start of his special day.

After dressing and getting ready for school, he is relieved of his chores for the day and looking forward to his party this evening.

It is not going to be a huge one. Just a few family members and his best friend who lives a few houses down.

After school, he spends some time with his Mom and then it is finally time for cake and presents.

Aunt A. got him the game he wanted so bad and we gave him the Tripod that was high on his wish list as well.

The day was topped off with cake, ice cream, and playing and the time to turn in comes way too quick.

As Kc crawls under the blankets, he says he had a great, great day. We are glad to hear that, because it only happens once in a life-time his age turns to double digits and we hope it was a memorable event.

Happy Birthday, little man!


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