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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Happy Birthday, Isabella

Date of occurrence:
January 11, 2017.

It is Isabella's fourth Birthday and we wait until Kc is home from school to give her a call.

We sing to her and wish her a Happy Birthday. She wishes us a Happy Birthday back and thanks us for the Barbie doll we got her.

Bell: "She has a swimsuit and I got a phone. A red one."

She didn't get a cake yet, but that will happen this coming Sunday when she will have her party.

She did go out for lunch though and had grilled cheese and brownies. Yummy!

Kc tells Bell his tooth came out on her Birthday.

Bell: "Oh, the tooth fairy will come. You put it under your pillow and tooth fairy will come and give you money."
Kc knows the score, but he says he will.

Opa: "Bell, how old are you now?"
Bell, (Mom tells us she is holding up four fingers): "Three."
Mom: "No, you are four now."
Bell: "Four."

We talk a little more and eventually get off the phone. We are thankful she is having a great day, because that makes our day as well.

Happy Birthday, Bellabootchie!


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