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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dear Diary

Date of occurrence:
May 29, 2017.

Emmaly is reading and she loves it. She is reading well too and found one of the books we had bought for her a long time ago.

It has all kinds of crafts in it and she already discovered two she wanted to do: make a keepsake box and a diary.

The last one is her favorite and today we scrounge up a notebook, cardstock of her choice, and find some string and a gemstone to embellish her book.

She is excited. I help her with the cutting and the gluing and let her cut out the heart and give assistance as we adhere the strings and gemstone to the book.

She is so happy with her diary, her eyes are gleaming and she can't wait to write in it.

She writes and writes some more. She draws some pictures in it and put it in a safe place. It is clear the diary is very special to her.

It is a 'Dear Diary' for sure!


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