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Monday, July 10, 2017

Not There

Date of occurrence:
June 20, 2017.

Isabella hasn't had breakfast yet and I treat her on a pop tart. I tell her to let me know if she wants another one and she says she will.

While I am in the kitchen making toast for Emmaly, Bell walks into the office.

She looks, sees Opa, turns around and says: "Not there."

Opa laughs and says: "Not the mama."

She sees me in the kitchen and states: "Oh, there you are."
Me: "You didn't see me, huh?"
Bell: "No, you was not there. Can I have another pop tart?"

She can and in no time breakfast disappears. I make sure it did. I look, see nothing, turn around and the following thought crosses my mind.

Not there! Grin.


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