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Friday, August 4, 2017

New Glasses

Date of occurrence:
July 18, 2017.

Both Kc's glasses broke in less then a week. The first pair simply fell apart due to wear and tear and the second pair fell in the little hands of almost two-year-old Lily and were broken apart.

He can still wear the last ones, but they are missing an arm. With school starting up again soon and no back-up glasses left, it is time to get new ones. Since he has to have his eyes checked anyway, we kill two birds with one stone.

The eye exam is over in no time and Kc finds the glasses he likes pretty quick.

Before we pick them up, we decide to pull a joke on his mama.

We find a pair of glasses which we know she will not like at all, take a picture and send it to her.

The photo is accompanied by the following text which Kc added: "I love my new glasses!"

Kc's Mom calls Opa just as the boys and I got out of the car.
Mom: "Am I on speaker?"
Opa: "Yes you are, but I am alone in the van."
Mom: "I got the picture of his glasses. This is a joke, right?"
Opa: "Why do you think it is a joke? Everyone in the store told him this was the new trend."
Mom: "This is no joke???"
Opa: "Hey, I wouldn't have bought them, but he loves them."
Mom: "They are HIDEOUS!"

She is about to go on a rampage when Opa says: "Do you want us to take them back, or do you want me to tell you right now that it is a joke?"
Mom, with a sigh of relief: "It is a joke? It is a joke! Oh good, I didn't like them at all."

She calls Kc and he sends her the pictures of the glasses he really did pick out. A blue pair and a copper-colored pair.

They have mom's approval and she tells him she especially likes the blue ones.

And those are Kc's favorites too!


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