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Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Screeching Halt

Date of occurrence:
November 6, 2017.

I wake Kc up this morning and as he is getting both feet on the ground, he tells me he had a weird dream. At least it is a dream and not a nightmare.

When I ask him what he dreamt about, he recounts: "I was riding in the car with Mama and she suddenly passed out. I had to drive the car, but it went so, so slow."
Me: "Well, did you at least get to where you needed to go?"
Kc: "No. I ran out of gas."
Me: "Uh oh. What did you do?"
Kc: "I don't know, because you woke me up."

Sorry for interrupting your dream, little man. Or to put it in other words:

Bringing it to a screeching halt!


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