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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Camp In, Camp Out

Date of occurrence:
October 21, 2017.

While their Mom is cooking and keeping an eye on the food on the barbeque, Bella and Lily are playing to their hearts content.

After a while, Bell comes to the table, sits down with us, and I find out she had wanted to go camping.

Unfortunately, the weather is going to be bad this evening and Mom tells Isabella it is just not possible to do that today. The disappointment is clearly visible on Bell's face.

And then I remember. We still have the little pop-up tent in the shape of a Dinosaur. It is under Kc's bed and no one is using it. At least... not until now.

I tell Bell to wait for a minute till I get back and when I do, she will be able to go camping whenever she wants.

I get the little fold-up tent and as I take it out of the cover, Bell looks puzzled and concerned. She has no clue what is about to unfold.

And unfold it does as soon as I lay it on the grass. Bell wastes no time and dives in the tent.

It takes Lily a bit before she decides to join her sister, but once she does, both girls have a ball.

Bell is thrilled and even more so when I tell her she can take it home. That way, she can camp in-, or outside anytime she likes.

Hm, I foresee a lot of pitching camp in the near future! :-)


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