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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Our Descendant

Date of occurrence:
October 3, 2017.

When the kids were here, we all watched the movies Descendants and Descendants 2. We actually watched them several times and we all loved them. The songs could be heard throughout our home for several days afterwards.

Just when I suspected the hype had diminished, or even left the premises, I was in for a surprise. I usually wake Kc up and let him get him bearings for a few minutes. Then I go back and get him up and running, so to speak.

It is the same routine this morning. When I am back for the second time and tell him I am going to turn on the light, he covers his eyes with his arm and sings: "There are so many ways to be W-I-C-K-E-D."

I laugh and tell him he better not be wicked. Kc grins and says: "No!"
He is ready in record time and does not display any bad behavior. Grin. I hope it stays that way. One thing is for sure.

Our descendant has watched too many Descendant movies!


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