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Monday, November 13, 2017

The Princess Room

Date of occurrence:
September 30, 2017.

We have tried to call Leo and Emmaly a few times, but without success. We decide to try again and call them on face-time while aunt A. is here.

We finally get them on the phone and it is so good to see and talk to them. Both kids are excited and in high spirits.

Leo has been cleaning his room all day to make some money. He intends to buy a toy he really wants with it. We show Emmaly her remodeled front bedroom. She is so excited about it.

Emmaly: "Wow. It's a princess room. I love it! Show me my bed again."
Leo has some concerns: "Where are the toys?"
Me: "They are right here." And I show him where they are.
Leo: "Oh, good."
Emmaly: "Show me my bed again. I can't wait to sleep there."

We know exactly what she means. We can totally sympathize an empathize.

We can't wait either! :-)


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