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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Court Of Honor

Date of occurrence:
March 27, 2018.

It's about a month ago Kc went to the Boy Scout meetings for the first time and only a week ago since he officially became a Boy Scout.

Today he attends his first Court of Honor. We don't anticipate he will receive anything, because of the short time he has attended the Boy Scouts.

We were wrong.

Kc and the rest of his patrol receive their Troop and Patrol patch.

His patrol is also tasked with being Service Patrol.

Kc is excited. He is also impressed by all the other scouts' sashes with merit badges on them. He wants some on his sash.

That can be arranged, little man. There is only one thing you have to do if you want ranks and merit badges.

Work for it and you will be honored! Grin.


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