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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Our Scout

Date of occurrence:
April 17, 2018.

Kc is finished with his first merit badge and will have his blue card signed off tonight at the scout meeting. We expect, according to what we have heard, he will receive his badge next week.

We drop him off and aunt A. and I return about an hour later to pick him up. We don't see him right away, since all the scouts are coming out at once.

It doesn't take long before I hear Kc call: "Oma. Oma!"

I turn around and there he is, holding up a paper with a Scout rank badge and his merit badge.

My jaw drops to the floor.

Me: "You made scout rank???"
Kc: "Yes, I did. And I already got my merit badge."

He is the first and only one of his patrol to achieve scout rank. Wow. Aunt A. and I are so proud of him and I know someone else will be as well.

And I was right.

Opa is ecstatic and extremely proud of our scout!


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