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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The ABC Song

Date of occurrence:
June 5, 2017.

Emmaly has a diary which we made a few days ago and Bell would like to have one as well. I find another notebook, give her a pencil and she is happy with it. She starts 'writing' in it right away.

In the mean time she is talking about Paige, a friend of her Mom's, and tells us: "Her name is Paige. A-D-L-O-G: Paige."
We laugh and ask Opa how to spell Paige.
Opa: "P-A-I-G-E."
Bell: "No, it is A-D-L-O-G: Paige."
Me: "Bell, do you know your ABC's?"
Bell: "Yeah. G-M-N-D-X-P-E."

Emmaly starts singing the ABC song and Bell joins in. It becomes clear she doesn't really know it yet.

In spite of that she is more then willing to sing it for us.


And I made sure we captured it on V-I-D-E-O!

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Boys

Date of occurrence:
June 5, 2017.

It's so heartwarming to see Levi and Daley getting along so well.

The boys are cutting up, having fun, and being silly.

It may not always be like that and that is understandable.

The majority of the time however the brothers enjoy each others company.

And we are glad and grateful Mom captured one of those many moments.

How precious!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Girls

Date of occurrence:
June 5, 2017.

Emmaly and Isabella are spending the day with us. They get here around 6:30 AM and the first thing they do is eat breakfast.

Except for lunch and supper, the day is wide open and they fill it with watching TV and playing.

They sure play well together and the few little spats they have are resolved rather quick.

The day flies by and we all agree...

Everyone had a great time!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

A New Rank

Date of occurrence:
June 2, 2017.

Today is Kc's last day of school and the Cub Scout Advancement Ceremony also takes place tonight. He will get his Webelos badge and move on to becoming an Arrow of Light.

This will be the last year of Cub Scouts for him, since he will be joining the Boy Scouts next year.

He is looking forward to it. Not just because he will advance in rank, enjoy the company of his fellow scouts, the flag ceremony, the food, and a flag retirement ceremony.

Tonight is even more special, because Leo and Emmaly will be present for their brother's ceremony and join the festivities.

Kc receives his Bolo tie, Webelos badge, and advancement card with a pin for the (grand)parent. He is as happy as a lark. And so are we.

We are happy for and proud of our little man and his new rank!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Wrapping And Frapping

Date of occurrence:
June 1, 2017.

Our youngest daughter has been bit by the outdoor bug and plans on building a shelter in the woods this weekend with the kids, if the weather permits.

She had bought cordage, but has no clue how to wrap and frap. Opa does and he passes his knowledge on to Kc and Leo, so they can show and help their Mom.

Both boys learn square and diagonal lashing.

Kc prefers the diagonal lashing, while Leo likes the square lashing better.

They practice and practice and finally get the hang of it.

When Opa explains what lashing all can be used for, they are blown away. Visions of chairs, shelters and more, crosses their minds.

And I foresee a lot more wrapping and frapping! Grin.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sprouting Up

Date of occurrence:
May 31, 2017.

While Lily is staying over at her other grandma's house, she finds a large flowerpot ready to be planted.

Lily doesn't hesitate and takes advantage of the free space.

I am not sure what the little critter is thinking.

Maybe she is honoring her name and thought this was a suitable spot to sprout.

She may not be aware of the fact she 'grounded' herself. I have a slight suspicion though it will not last very long before she is roaming around again.

I think that is for the best.

This little flower doesn't need a pot to sprout up!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Biding His Time

Date of occurrence:
May 30, 2017.

We can do a lot of things, but one thing we reluctantly had to admit to was that we were not up to keeping four of our grandkids at the same time.

That was just a bit too much and we all decided to split them up. This week we will have the boys, since Kc still has a week of school ahead, and next week we will enjoy the company of Emmaly and Isabella.

After dropping Kc off at school, Leo watches some TV. What he really wants to do is go on the computer, but we put some restrictions on that.

If it was up to him, he would alternate between those two electronic devices the entire day. I still can't believe his eyes haven't turned into squares yet. Grin.

He helps me a little with the preparations for dessert, but it doesn't hold his interest and off he goes to find something to play with.

And he does. He gets the Nerf gun out, builds targets and practices to perfect his aim so he can beat his big brother later.

Before he knows it, it is time to pick Kc up from school. Leo is excited to show him what game he came up with.

I have to say he did a good job at biding his time!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dear Diary

Date of occurrence:
May 29, 2017.

Emmaly is reading and she loves it. She is reading well too and found one of the books we had bought for her a long time ago.

It has all kinds of crafts in it and she already discovered two she wanted to do: make a keepsake box and a diary.

The last one is her favorite and today we scrounge up a notebook, cardstock of her choice, and find some string and a gemstone to embellish her book.

She is excited. I help her with the cutting and the gluing and let her cut out the heart and give assistance as we adhere the strings and gemstone to the book.

She is so happy with her diary, her eyes are gleaming and she can't wait to write in it.

She writes and writes some more. She draws some pictures in it and put it in a safe place. It is clear the diary is very special to her.

It is a 'Dear Diary' for sure!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Time Together

Date of occurrence:
May 27, 2017.

All day long Kc has been on pins and needles for his siblings to arrive and spend their summer vacation down here.

Leo and Emmaly finally get here around 5:30 PM. They sure have grown, but that was to be expected.

Emmaly looks different with her permanent front teeth and her hair cut.

She had to see the hairdresser after she cut her bangs.

Me: "Emma, why do you keep doing that to yourself?"
Emmaly: "It was a dare."
Me: "Dare or not, stop cutting your hair."

The kids settle in real quick and Opa tells me Leo wants a fidget spinner real bad. Oh good, because we had bought one for them as well.

I call Leo and ask him if he wants a black or blue spinner and hold them in front of him to choose.

His eyes grow wide and he says: "No way!"

He chooses the blue one and is excited: "Daddy didn't want to buy us one, but now I have a fidget spinner anyway."

Emmaly is happy with hers and proclaims everyone in her class already had one. They all go off to play with their new toy and have a blast.

Bedtime comes way too fast, but they have more fun and play to look forward to.

Yup, tomorrow is another day they can spend together!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Girls, Girls, Girls

Date of occurrence:
May 26, 2017.

This afternoon is the end of the school year dance and when we pick Kc up he is all excited. Not only did he have a great time dancing, but he had his first official date.

A girl in another class, whom he liked very much, had asked him in the morning if he wanted to go to the dance with her. Of course Kc was elated. He said yes and they spent the entire dance in each others company.

That seemed rather awkward to us, since he told us a while back he had a girlfriend who attends the same class as he does. So, we had to ask.

Opa: "What about your other girlfriend?"
Kc: "She was there too and we all danced together."
Opa: "She knows you like the other girl?"
Kc: "Yes."
Opa: "And she doesn't mind?"
Kc: "Well..., we are just friends."

It got a bit more awkward when he informed us another girl in his class had told him she was moving to North Carolina today and she broke out in tears. He felt sorry for her and gave her a big hug.

There is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, but... she was his girlfriend from last year.

Later this afternoon he told me how much he loved the girl he had the date with. Yeah, we don't have to guess where Kc's mind is.

Girls, girls, girls!

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