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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Doctors Galore

Date of occurrence:
February 2, 2018.

When it rains, it pours. We had to see Kc's Pediatric GI yesterday and Kc missed school because of that. Not that he minded very much, but today he has to go real early for a blood test.

He fasted for 12 hours and complains about his throat hurting as soon as he gets up. We suspect it may be allergies and hope it will get better soon. Drawing blood is done pretty quick and we drop him off at school with another doctor's excuse.

The school nurse calls around noon. Kc's throat hurts so bad, he can hardly swallow. She tells us Strep and flu have been going around, but Kc doesn't seem to have any fever. Aunt A. and I pick him up and take him to the doctor straight away.

Yeah, better safe than sorry and it's a good thing we did; Kc has Strep.

He gets antibiotics and has to stay home until Monday.

And we have another doctor's excuse for today to cover missing school again.

Kc doesn't mind having to stay home.

He plays on his electronics to his heart's content.

As far as we are concerned, we have seen enough doctors these past couple of days. We hope and pray we will be spared for a while.

From another downpour!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Treat For Dinner

Date of occurrence:
January 28, 2018.

Since it is Sunday, Kc and Bell are going to church with aunt A. Today is special though. They are having 'dinner on the ground' after the service.

The rain prevents dinner from being held outside.

That is no problem.

Accommodations are made to hold it inside.

Bell examines all the available food and quickly determines what she want.

Bell treats herself to a chocolate covered donut. It sure tastes delicious.

And it shows too! Grin.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Boy Scout Orientation

Date of occurrence:
January 23, 2018.

Kc is looking forward to the orientation at the Boy Scouts tonight. We leave early and while we catch up with his former cub scout leader and listen to all the information, the soon-to-be boy scouts are having fun.

They see and get to hold snakes and an Iguana. The latter crawls up on Kc's arm and leaves a few scratch marks by doing so. It doesn't faze Kc. He thinks it is cool.

We join him as he heads outside and gets educated about how to pick the best site to pitch a tent and make fire. He already knew all that, but it never hurts to get a refresher course.

After being served supper and given all the paperwork needed, we head home. Kc had a great time and can hardly wait until the end of March when he will make the transition.

That is not too far away and it will arrive before he knows it, because time flies.

We hope Kc will too.

Like an Eagle!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Happy Birthday, Levi!

Date of occurrence:
January 23, 2018.

Hip, hip hooray!

Levi is turning six years old today.

He is quickly approaching to be our little 'big' guy.

We hope you have a wonderful day, little guy.

We are thinking of you!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Visit To The Fire Station

Date of occurrence:
January 22, 2018.

The Cub Scouts are visiting a fire station tonight and Kc is looking forward to it.

It is not his first rodeo.

He has visited a fire station a few times before, but it never gets old.

He is listening intently and even has a question for one of the firemen.

Wow, the boy is on fire! :-)

Saturday, February 3, 2018

A Big Hit

Date of occurrence:
January 18, 2018.

Kc is off today as well, due to the cold weather. I know he loves to go grocery shopping and that suits us to a tee, because we can use the help carrying in the load.

We get back from the store and start unloading. Our little, big man is a huge help and carries the bottled water inside. He bends over to set it down and hits his head so hard on the side of the counter, he literally bounces back.

It scares both of us and a loud 'Oh my gosh' escapes from my mouth. He sinks to his knees and I immediately am next to him, holding and comforting him. Even though he is not crying out loud, tears roll down his face. It is a clear indicator he is hurting pretty bad.

A huge lump is appearing on his forehead and it is even bleeding a little. I grab an icepack and put it on his forehead. We set him down in the recliner and keep a cold compress on the bump.

He is starting to feel better and does not seem to have a concussion. He recovers pretty quick and is soon back up to snuff again. The bump is still very visible and painful and it shook him up pretty bad.

No wonder. He took a big hit!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

No School, But...

Date of occurrence:
January 17, 2018.

Wow, this is incredible. It is extremely cold and for the second time this winter the meteorologists forecast a hard freeze and snow flurries for our area.

The schools have decided to close for today and that means Kc will have a day off. It doesn't mean he can play and relax. The teachers loaded the kids up with homework and several tests are on the agenda for this week.

The morning is spend by doing his homework and a lot of the afternoon is taken up by studying for the tests.

We are almost done when Kc suddenly grins and says: "I feel like I am being homeschooled."
I know exactly what he means. School may be out, but...

I feel the same way! Grin.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Happy Birthday, Isabella!

Date of occurrence:
January 11, 2018.

Hip, hip hooray! Isabella turns five today and even though she doesn't know it yet, she will have a busy day.

We saw the soon to be Birthday girl last night before she went to church with aunt A. and Kc and handed her some presents to start her special day with.

She loved it and gave us several big hugs and kisses in return. Aww, how sweet. :-D

Her Mom and Dad have big plans for Bell today. They intend to take her out shopping and go to dinner at Bell's favorite place. Her big Birthday party will take place next weekend.

Her day is getting even better. Bell receives a little, black kitten for her Birthday and can pick a name for it. She names it Sushi. We hope that is not an indicator for things to come. Grin.

We are glad and thankful she has a wonderful day and hopefully many more will follow.

Happy Birthday, Isabella!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Gone Again

Date of occurrence:
January 6, 2018.

Emmaly and Leo are on their way back home again. We are sorry we didn't get to see them very much this go around, but sickness threw a huge wrench in the works.

Leo is on the mend and Emmaly is feeling fine at present. At least that is a plus and we promised we would make it up to them the next time they are here.

We are not entirely sure when that is, but we hope it will be soon. Till we meet again, Munchkin man and Princess Wookie Wonderfoot.

We love you!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sickness Galore

Date of occurrence:
January 3, 2018.

Leo, Emmaly, Lily, and even their Mom, came down with what seems to be the flu. Fever, coughing, and not being able to keep their food down, are all part of it. It lasts for several days before it is getting better. Not for Leo however.

Our Munchkin man is coughing his little brains out. It has gotten to the point where his ribs hurt from all the coughing and he still can't keep his food down. His Mom is debating whether to take him to the doctor, or wait another day in the hope some cough medicine will do the trick.

By evening, the medicine hasn't helped at all and off they go to see the doctor. It doesn't take long before the diagnosis is in: Leo has strep throat. Poor little guy, but at least he has a prescription now that will eradicate his ailment.

Lily is the next one to come down with strep throat, but she doesn't have it as bad as her brother. At least Emmaly and her Mom seem to be doing much better. We sure hope they will at least escape the strep bug.

Kc has to go back to school on Thursday and, to avoid getting this bug, he spent the weekend with aunt A. and came back here last Monday. So far, it seems like he may have escaped it.

We sure hope so and pray for all our other loved ones!

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