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Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Invites

Date of occurrence:
January 1, 2017.

Levi's birthday is coming up and there are only 22 more days to go before our little rascal turns five years old.

Levi most certainly is looking forward to having a party.

To ensure all his friends will be able to attend, he wants to get the invites out as soon as possible.

Since he already learned some of his ABC's, Mom decides to let him help with writing all the invitations.

He is doing a great job. Making and writing invitations is part of the fun.

And will lead to having a fun party!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Happy New Year

Date of occurrence:
January 1, 2017.

We better make hay while the sun shines and take a nice picture of the oldest kids while they are here.

We sit them down in the hall and tell them to give us a sweet smile. One would suspect it to be a breeze. Nope, not at all. It takes several shots to finally end up with an acceptable picture. it is.

You may wonder why the other ones didn't make the cut. Well, if you take a look at the next picture, you will understand.

They were just being their sweet ole selves, hehe.

What can I say? We all lead by example. Grin. And on that note.....

Our goofy-looking bunch wishes you a very Happy New Year!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Getting In Gear

Date of occurrence:
January 1, 2017.

Leo is the first one of the children to wake up. After wishing him a Happy New Year and giving him a hug, he retreats to the computer in order to watch minecraft videos.

He does need a little time to himself in order to get his bearings, so we let him be for a while.

As I walk into the kitchen to fix us another cup of coffee, I notice his new headgear. I can't help but grin, turn around and grab the camera.

Me: "Leo, look this way."

He does and I snap a picture.

Me: "What is on your head?"
Leo: "My stuffed animals. They want to watch this too."

Ah, I see.

Considering what little space is on the desk, that is a smart solution. He must be fully awake.

His head is in gear!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

What A Picture!

Date of occurrence:
December 31, 2016.

There is a saying which goes as follows:
a picture paints a thousand words.

All you have to do is look at this photo to know that it is so true.

It says it all and then some.

How beautiful and heart-warming.

Yes, the picture is too! :-)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Raising Eyebrows

Date of occurrence:
December 30, 2016.

The kids will be spending New Year with us and after they arrive Friday evening, we are having a ball. We eat, play, talk, enjoy each others company and before we know it, it is already bedtime.

When Leo and Emmaly got here on Christmas Day, the first thing I noticed were Emmaly's eyebrows. It looked like they were half shaven off. I asked her if she shaved them, but she denied it and said she woke up one day and they were like that.

I didn't buy it, but after Mom looked at them and mentioned they had just gotten lighter, I let it go.

While I am tucking Emmaly in, I run my fingers over her eyebrows. I can clearly feel stubble and jokingly I say: "Honestly Emma, are you sure you didn't shave them off?"

She hides half of her face under the blankets and shakes no.

I know something is up and I smile at her: "Really? You didn't shave them?"

She shakes no again. Her hand goes up to one of her eyebrows and she makes a clipping motion with her fingers.

Me: "Oooh, you cut them with scissors!"
Emmaly: "Yeah. It was an accident. I cut one of my eyebrows just to see and then I had to do the other one too."
Me: "What did Amy and Daddy say after you did that?"
Emmaly: "They didn't even notice."

After telling her not to do that again, our little Princess goes off to see Mr. Sandman. I have a slight suspicion I know his reaction when he sees her.

He will probably raise his eyebrows!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friends For Life

Date of occurrence:
December 29, 2016.

Levi and Tyson: a boy and his dog. They are friends for life.

They sure enjoy spending time together and it is quite obvious they love each other.

I can understand that completely, because let's be honest...

What is there NOT to love?!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Merry Christmas

Date of occurrence:
December 25, 2016.

We are having a full house this year. We enjoy a scrumptious meal and then it is time the children and grown-ups alike have been waiting for: the unwrapping of all those presents.

I put my sewing machine and artistic abilities to good use this year and a lot of the presents are handcrafted. Princess dresses, pajamas, scrunchies, crocheted bracelets, and more, are just a few of them.

Leo and Emmaly arrive just in time to take part in the festivities and the huge pile of presents dwindles to nothing in no time.

Were they pleased with all Santa brought them? Oh yes, they were.

Quoting their Mom's words: we hit it out of the ball park.

Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope yours was as happy as ours!

Monday, April 17, 2017


Date of occurrence:
December 23, 2016.

Kc and aunt A. went on a camping trip yesterday. It is just for fun, rest, and relaxation and they plan on staying till Saturday morning.

It will be the first time Kc is going to sleep in a hammock and he is looking forward to that. The hammocks are set up fairly quick and the night goes by warm and comfortable.

They are not too far away and we decide to visit with them for a few hours. Upon our arrival, they are hiking and as we wait Opa carves a stick and I engage in my favorite past time; scouring the camp site for lost treasures.

It doesn't take long before they are back. We share a meal, adjust the hammocks where need be, and Opa teaches Kc to use the right tool for the right job and how to carve a feather stick.

Within no time he carves an excellent feather stick, but now comes the tricky part: getting it to take a spark and light it on fire with a ferro rod.

Our little man tries, and tries, and tries some more. After about ten minutes of continuous trying, I don't think it will ever happen. Oh me of little faith. All of a sudden the stick is on fire.

Kc dumps it in the fire ring and stares at it in disbelief. Then it dawns on him. He made fire from scratch. A huge smile lights up his face and he spreads his arms out wide. Yes, victory!

We were all so proud of him we forgot to take a picture of this memorable moment, but it is forever engraved in our minds.

And Kc? He learned more then making fire from scratch. He also learned that quitters never win and...

Winners never quit!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Let's Celebrate!

Date of occurrence:
December 22, 2016.

Oh, this is so exciting: today is Levi's first Christmas Dinner at school.

The tree is decorated, the table is set, and Mom made pancakes for dessert.

Let the festivities begin and let's celebrate the reason for the season!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Let's Go

Date of occurrence:
December 15, 2016.

Mom: "Levi? Are you ready?"
What a silly question. Of course our little guy is ready and so are Dad, Daley and Tyson.

It is always fun to take a walk with the entire family and get some fresh air, even when it is cold and you have to bundle up.

I suppose the question ought to be if Mom is ready. Nope, not yet. She lacks a picture of this enjoyable moment. That is quickly taken and off they go.

Nope, you don't have to ask twice. They are ready, so....

Let's go!

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